Central Saint Martins Fashion Graduate turned Contemporary Artist Jamie Ashman creates fabulous original paintings with paint and mixed media from his imagination. Referencing his background in Fashion he now paints people, mainly Women in situations that reflect his peace and love vision of modern life and times. Exhibiting internationally, former Trend Predictor and Fashion teacher Ashman hopes to reflect a future world that is both compassionate and Eco friendly. His new work has evolved into a narrative that searches for Paradise on the Planet in an attempt to get the bigger picture. Exploring anti racist, anti sexist, pro LBGTQI+ ideas and motifs. His style refers to classicism and modern design and looks to Art history and a world of both today and the future to express the zeitgeist of the modern age. With photography, Internet and social media playing such a huge part of modern life Ashman’s paintings work to slow down the fast paced mobile phone generation and throwaway society creating images that celebrate a more laid back and innocent environment and culture on Earth.


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